Here you will find news from 2013

Updated 27-11-2013

Time for Christmas gathering!

On December the 14:th all Glenriskadogs with owners are welcome here.

For the older puppies we start 10:30, and for the youngest ones 12:00.

We will have lunch together and then coffee.

Very welcome!!


Now all the puppies have left for their new homes.

Photos of the Golden retrieverpuppies here and Jack Russellvalparna here.


Two of Flexibell's puppies 7 weeks old.

Updated 22-10-2013

Now the first Jack Russell terrierpuppy has moved to her new home.

Glenriska Mini Cooper S Cabrio will be called"Edda" and live in Blekinge.

Foto: Dessa två härliga personligheter utstrålar något speciellt - eller hur!! Malin och lilla Edda, jag önskar er lycka till som team!!

Happy owner Malin with her little"Edda". They with train Agility.

We wish this team good luck in the future!!

Uppdaterad 2013-10-14

New photos of both Golden retriever and Jack Russell terrier puppies.

Some new videos uploaded at YouTube, look under "Video".

Updated 22-9-2013

Video of the puppies 5 days old:

Updated 18-9-2013

Our Golden retriever bitch "Flexi" got 8 puppies, 4 dogs and 4 bitches.


Updated 25-8-2013

Now the Jack Russell girl "Elise" had her puppies!!


One of the puppies resting close to mum "Elise"

Updated 7-8-2013

Lovely summer days passing by and lots of things happens.

Here some highlights;;

  • Puppy gathering in the beginning of July.
  • Trip to England celebratingThe Golden retriever Club Centenary and the Swedish Golden retriever club 40 year jubilee. Photos can be seen under "Travels"
  • A new little Jack Russell terrier has moved in with us coming from Australia. Iona Heaven Can Wait, born on March 30:th 2013. She is by AU Ch Baylock Heart Of Fire and Iona Illustrious Image. More info about little Heaven will come.
  • Hopefully we will have both Jack Russell terrier and Golden retriever puppies later in autumn.



Updated 24-6-2013

Sunday July the 7:th we will have our summer gathering here. Welcome all owners of Glenriska dogs!


Uppdaterat 2013-06-16

We've been to quite a few dog shows lately. some puppies from last winters two litters of Golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers came to the open show at Trelleborgs BK.

You will fins photos under Puppymeetings.

Här finns också några bilder från valpträffen den 16 juni.

Stort tack till alla trevliga valpägare som kommer på våra träffar och aktiviteter!



Uppdaterat 2013-06-12

Little "Bianca" Glenriska Hot N'Trendy now has a new owner.

We wish you both good luck, and know we will meet you at our kennel meetings later on!



Bianca with her new owner Catta

Updated 13-5-2013

Now you can find an updated link to our videos on YouTube here.

Updated 12-5-2013

Now we have photos from out puppy meetings see them here.


PL JW-12 Iona High Speed "Morris" won his second CAC yesterday at SKK Lidköping.

Thank you to Sofie Lundkvist for showing him so well there.


Morris 21 months old

We have been to an Open Show at Älmhults Brukshundsklubb and Glenriska Pommery Flacon "Pommac" started his career taking out Best In Show of all puppies at his first show.
Sister "Flora" Glenriska Fleur De Passion was 3rd best bitch.


Pommac 4,5 months old

Updated 7-5-2103

Some new photos in the Gallery. We enjoy the spring here and love our walk at the beach.


Three puppies from our Golden retriever litter learn the skills of digging in the sand

Updated 5-3-2013

A few days ago Glenriska Nice N 'Easy went with Kirsti Skaar to his new home at kennel Kjennekroken in Norway.
He will be called Wallander, after Webber (​father) and grandmother Wilma and of course because he was born in Ystad!


A happy Kirsti with "Wallander" in her arms.

Updated 25-2-3013

A new video of the puppies that have not yet travelled to their new homes, see it here.

Updated 24-2-2013

Some of the puppies have now gone to their new homes, and some will leave this week.

Updated 18-2-2013

New video of the puppies up on YouTube and in the Gallery

Updated 9-2-2013

New photos of the Golden retriever puppies standing here:


Miss Silver

Updated 7-2-2013

New photos and video for both litters uploaded under "Puppies"

Updated 2-2-2013

New videos and photos for both Golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers uploaded.

At the moment we have one boy and one girl unbooked in Pica's litter (Golden retriever)

Updated 22-1-2013

New photos under Puppies of both litters, and new videos uploaded on YouTube, see videos.

Golden retriever puppies now booked for their new homes, only few available right now to right owners.

Updated 13-1-2013

New video of both litters, Golden retr here and

Jack Russell terriers here

Updated 10-1-2012

New photos of Pica's puppies here

Updated  2013-01-10

New photos of both litters and also videos.

Golden retriever "Pica's" litter here.

Jack Russell terrier "Tosca's" litter here.

Updated 2013-01-03

Now we have two lovely litters, both Golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers.


"Pica" Combine Pick A Lily with her puppies born 28-12-2012

6 boys and 3 girls.


"Tosca" Brösing´s Touch And go with with her 2 boys and 2 girls

born 27-12-2012



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