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About us


My name is Ingrid Lundkvist and I am the founder of the registered prefix, Glenriska.

I was born 1962 and work part time as an IT co-ordinator at

the University of Dentistry in Malmo.

The kennel name was registered with the SwedishKennel Club & FCI 2007.


I have more than 40 years of experience with Golden retriever as a breed and all the various puposes it can be used for. During these years I have learnt a lot on courses, training and by doing regarding Golden retrievers, and during recent years this involves the Jack Russell terriers too.

In May 2011 we had the pleasure to see our first Jack Russell terrier litter born here. We really look forward to have more nice puppy weeks in the future!


The title Glenriska comes from a beautiful place in Southern Scotland where we have had the opportunity to rent a cottage for a few summers.

Paradise is near Tweedsmuir near the source of the river Tweed. Beautifully situated in typical Scottish countryside surrounded by the fabulous hills and awe inspiring glens. A forceful burn runs through the naturally landscaped garden.

An old wooden bench, strategically positioned in the garden, being the perfect vantage point to watch the sheep grazing on the distant hillside.






As the Golden Retriever breed originated in Scotland I thought the name was somewhat appropriate.

Besides me and my three dogs the rest of my family consists of my husband Lars who is a retired dentist.

The dogs are very fond of Lars as he orchestrates the breakfast and early morning exercise in the fields to the east of Ystad where we live.

The unused military training grounds being the perfect place to walk the dogs.

I also participate on my free days and thoroughly enjoy the sea breeze and Hammars backar together with the boys.

Golf and downhill skiing are our other hobbies when of course time allows.


We live in Herrestad outside Ystad, Skåne in the very South of Sweden. Here we really feel at home and during 2012 we managed to make a dream come true. We had a new house built in a design of our own, very comfortably for us and the dogs.

The dogs can enjoy lots of space within a fenced area in various type of fields, we train them here and they play together here as well.

We also use the nearby beach and lovely sand dunes to exercise the dogs either by walk or besides the bicycle.


Driveway towards our house


View from the house towards West


Good with an outdoor kennel run when we have bitches in season


View from the house towards East and our driveway


Easy access directly from the house to the big fields around us.








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