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My interest in dogs became serious at the tender age of seven. I was invited by my uncle to come along to the Malmo dog show. My uncle was interested in Cocker Spaniels and Pointers so we inevitably ended up where they were showing gundogs, and of course, my very first encounter with the beautifully presented Golden Retrievers. The memories of their friendly facial expressions and golden coats have stayed with me since that day and long may they continue.

I frequently attended various other dog shows, for example Torringelund and very soon became acquainted with the dogs which were popular at that time. Agrippas Anatole and Davern Fergus for instance.

I read every book I could lay my hands on in my quest for information on Golden Retrievers. Unfortunately my parents wouldn´t allow me to have a dog of my own.

After many years of longing I finally received permission to buy my first dog in 1977. I contacted Ylva Braunerhjelm at the Sandemar kennels.

Rollo, Sandemars Y Rinaldo (e.Ch Caliph of Yeo u. Combine Cornelia) entered into my life and we both enjoyed many fabulously joyful years of showing, obedience trials, agility and many other activities. Rollo was a great dog but unfortunately retrieving was not one of his strongest assets and therefore the shoot never became part of his repertoire.


Me and Rollo at Juniorhandling in Malmo Int Dog Show 1978. We won this competition, and managed to become the 4:th best juniorhandler in Sweden.

My first visit to Crufts was in 1978 at Olympia in London. A most enjoyable experience for a canine crazy 14 year old girl, and my visits to England have been many since that very first visit.

During my visit to the Windsor dog show in 1978 I met Mrs Sue Almey.

She showed me two beautiful young bitches, Arbutus Kinsella and A. Kimbalee being two absolutely adorable young ladies and I fell head over heels for Kimbalee "Kerrie". I travelled by train to Nailsea, just south of Bristol, a few days later and was picked up by Mrs Almey in her Austin Morris and her three bitches. An eventful journey to say the least. We had lots to talk about and those times with her will remain forever. Sue gave me the opportunity to buy Kimbalee “Kerrie”. I was ecstatic with joy. To my utter dismay my parents would not allow me to have a second dog.

A few months later, at another of my many shows, I met a lady named Gunilla Carlén – Eriksson.

Gunilla bred Sussex Spaniels and I remember her discussing that she was interested in Golden Retrievers. I later contacted her and just happened to mention a Retriever bitch that I’d seen in England. This opportune meeting resulted in Arbutus Kimbalee being responsible for many top winning Golden Retrievers here in Sweden.

As soon as I moved from home I contacted Mrs Almey again and she promised me a pup from Arbutus Kinsellas first litter.

Arbutus Andante “Andy” charmed me and all of my friends. Robust, fast and extremely affectionate. We competed in several different events including obedience and dog shows where we achieved many awards.

For the first time in my life I worked with Andy in the field and this is without doubt the ultimate experience with the working dog in my opinion. The memories of Andy working still fills me with great joy and happiness.


"Andy" as BOG-4 at Swe Kennel Club Show 1983

My travels to England have blessed me with many good friends . Besides Sue and Len Almey (Arbutus) I have had the pleasure to enjoy the company of Margaret and David Balaam (Pinecrest) who have further increased my knowledge of the Golden Retreiver. I am extremely grateful for the hospitality, kindness and knowledge Sue and Margaret have shared with me through the years.

At the end of the eighties I imported Pinecrest Dominick. (e Styal Solamente of Nortonwood u.Cotefield Carmela of Pinecrest). Nicke will always be remembered as the lovable family dog, however, he also excelled in the field. Retrieving and hunting being his specialities. Nicke and my horses, which I had at the time enjoyed their daily exercise together resulting in Nicke becoming an extremely well trained dog.

As my boys became older there was time for a new dog.

“Toddy" Sandicliffe Oberon (e Ch Rayleas Calluimn u. Sandcliffe Scarlet Holly) came to us in 1996 from the kennel of Ms Denise Avery in England.

Toddy was used in many different fields and was exceptionally good with pheasant, duck, deer, elk and to my utmost horror had the bravery and stamina to scare up the occasional wild boar. Unfortunately Toddy was injured in a road accident and had a fairly bad limp due to a nerve problem He was otherwise a sound and healthy Golden retriever and lived until he was nearly 14 years old. He died in February 2010.

Our oldest dog is “Higgins” Arbutus Quesnel, born in 1999 and he has mostly worked with retrieving. He was unfortunately diagnosed with hip- and elbow problems and he lives a peaceful life with us here in Ystad.

He walks like the the gentleman he is during our daily walks.

It took a few years until it was time for the next Golden retriever. "Watson" Arbutus Clayoquot was born in July 2007 and is the hooligan of the pack! A real handful and great fun to work with. He is e. SH CH Stomerick Solomon u. Very Arbutus Du Boi De La Rayere.

In the end of 2008 I decided, together with my niece, to import a Jack Russell terrier from Australia, and the result is Iona High Roller "Bentley".

He instantly became everyone´s favourite with his charisma.

In the beginning of september 2009 came the second Jack Russell terrier named Brösing's Touch And Go. "Tosca" became the first lady of the house.

Our Jack Russell terriers are registed with the Swedish Kennel Club.

The next addition to the Glenriska pack is a Golden retriever bitch, named Combine Pick A Lily. "Pica" has a considerable speed and will-to-please, and I do look forward to continous training during 2012.

Another puppy came to our house in the end of 2010, named Flexibelle du Bois de la Rayere. "Flexi" has an interesting pedigree, and both her parents are qualified on shows as well as in the field.

Besides Golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers, I´ve also had Swedish Elkhounds (Jämthund).




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