Updated 7-5-2015

New plans for a Jack Russell terrier litter.

More info here.

Plans for next Golden retriever litter here.

Updated 13-4-2015

Now all Flexibelles puppies have new homes. We will keep a small girl , Glenriska Ailsa Craig and she will be called " Elsa "
See more about the puppies here.


"Elsa" 8 weeks old

Updated 9-3-2015

Flexibelles puppies are now 3 weeks old, and they begin to eat a little of soft puppy food.
We have many on the waiting list who are interested in our puppies , so for the moment we can not promise a puppy to more than those who have already been in contact with us.

Follow the puppies' adventures here


Updated 20-2-2015

On 15 February, our "Flexi " had 10 puppies .
It is also possible to follow the puppies on our Facebook page , Glenriska kennel, or via my profile Ingrid Lundkvist.
Video available and will also be posted on YouTube , search for Glenriska .

Updated 11-1-2015

We hope for Golden retriever puppies from our bitch "Flexi".


Updated 9-1-2015

A summary of 2014 is nice to see, with one exception.

We start with the positive;

Our " Morris" , Iona High Speed ​​started the year by winning BOB at large MyDog Int Dog Show in Gothenburg January 2014.
Gaining that last CAC made him Swedish and Norwegian Show Champion .
He continued winning during the year collecting merits and can currently call himself :
C.I.B , SE, NO, PL , EE, PLJW -12 , PLW -14.
Morris was on top of that runner up best dog at Swedish and Danish winner show in 2014.


"Morris" winning BOB at Polish Winner-14 in Poznan Nov-14. Handler and co-owner Sofie Lundkvist

"Bentley", C.I.B, SE, DK, VDH, PL Ch Iona High Roller was entered at a few shows, and highlight beeing 3:rd best dog both days at MyDog 2014 and BOB & BOG-4 at Gotland Int show.


Bentley 5 years old

During the year the kennel got two new Champions.

First to gain her title was SE & NO U Ch Glenriska Magic Flute Touch, "Lilli"

Owner and handler Helga Hatlestad, Norway. A huge congratulation to Helga and Lilli - well done!

Lilli is sired by Ch Iona High Roller out of Brösing's Touch And Go.



Lilli's litter brother "Cooper", Glenriska Melody Maker gained his last CAC at Gotland Int Dog Show in the end of August, and can now title himself Swe Ch (SE U Ch)

Congratulations to "Cooper" and his co-owner Josefine Wulff!



Younger half sister to Lilli and Cooper is Glenriska Cute N'Clever, " Jezzie " who has also proved to be a winner in the ring. She got her first CAC in Tvååker in July , and on Gotland Dog Show in August she gained her second CAC
Jezzie is just two years old, so we are now trying to get that last CAC for her Champion title.
Congratulations to owner is Elisabeth Berger and Iwe Persson , Tomelilla .
Jezzie is by Kjennekrokens Master Design and Brösing 's Touch And Go .



Several CAC and CACIB in Sweden, Denmark and Poland was wonby our young bitch Iona Heaven Can Wait. Heaven got CAC and BOB under breed specialist Simon Mills , Australia on Sydskånska Kennel Club show in Hässleholm. And then it became CAC at Sydsvenska Terrier Club show
in Horby. Also CAC and CACIB both
at Bornholm, judge Svante Frisk and CAC & CACIB in Herning . In Stettin , Poland it became CAC and CACIB and BOS .
Heaven turns two years at the end of March 2015 and we begin the hunt for that last CAC for her Champion Titles .



Our youngest star is Glenriska Speed ​​Date Diva, called "Diva". Born in May 2014 , she has still only been shown a few times in puppy class.
She was BIS -3 both at Open Show show in Hässleholm , and also Veberöds working dog club show in October
In Denmark at large  Int Herning Dog show, Diva was picked as BIS -3 out of puppies from all breeds. A real highlight!


Diva as BIS-3 puppy at Herning

Additional to this , several of our breedings have been entered in different competitions here and there , and we are forever grateful for all lovely owners who join in at all the activities! Many thanks!
At the show in Avesta the two half brothers Glenriska Bittersweet Symphony ( Yoshi ) & Glenriska Up N'Over ( Ozzy ) got CK and Yoshi also Reserve-CAC.


From left Camilla with Yoshi & Åsa with Ozzy

For our Golden retrievers it has also been a good 2014.

Combine Pick A Lily, "Pica" got several CK during the year and topped up with CAC both days in good competition at Tvååker dog show.
Judge was Nina Lönner -Andersson and Penny Williams.
In 2015 , we will try to chase that last CAC for her SE U Ch title .
We'll see if we succeed!



Young " Bono " Terra Di Siena Bono Beach has started his career very well .
Bono is co-owned with Lena Widebeck, Kennel Combine .

He was BIS -2 puppy at the Swe GRC Club Show, BIS -4 at Sydskånska Kennel Club Open show at Bosjökloster and finished with BIS-3 at large Malmo Puppy Show, and as icing on the cake , he was third in Junior class at Stockholm Int Dog show under Frank Kane.

In 2015 he started by winnng Junior class at MyDog 2 in Gothenburg and became Cruft qualified for 2016.



Finally, the most awful news:

The most sad thing that happened during the year, was that we were forced to say goodbye to our beloved "Watson " Arbutus Clayoquot in autumn.
Chronic problems with the tendons in his front legs together with a ruptured cruciate ligament made that Watson had to quit his active life only 7 years old.
Rest in peace Our ​​lovely friend, we will always remember you as a wild and beautiful retriever!







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