CIB SE DK U Ch PL EE VDH Ch PL JW-12 Iona High Speed


Born on June 28:th 2011.

Dog, rough coated.

Hight: 31 cm

Complete set of teeth

Patella check: clear Sept 2012

Eyes: clear Sept 2012

Mental description done and known mental status

"Morris" is a half brother to our "Bentley" with the same father, and he came to us in February 2012.
Bred by Mrs. Flo Ferguson, Australia
Morris owned jointly with Sofie Lundkvist at Kennel Opal Springs in Malmö, where he also lives.
But he will periodically come here to visit us.
Morris is a very forward and outgoing young man with great confidence and he never backs off.


1 CAC from junior Class, BOB

1 CAC from Intermediate class

1 CAC in Norway and CACIB


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